Lidl Travel Our opinion on the online travel agency

Lidl Travel: Our opinion on the online travel agency

Lidl travel is the brand new service that Lidl offers to its customers. Barely installed in the world of tourism, known for its tough competition, Lidl voyages is already causing a lot of ink to flow. Discover in this article the essential about this new online travel agency.

Value for money, advantages, difference and of course our opinion on Lidl voyages.

Lidl creates an online travel agency

Created since 1930, Lidl Lidl is a German giant, specialized at the beginning in the distribution. This is a hard-discounter known all over the market for its madness in breaking the sale prices. Then, the company decided to expand further by focusing on fashion.

Today, like its competitors (Leclerc, Carrefour, Auchan…), it has decided to invest in the world of tourism by offering a multitude of possibilities to get away from it all.

Sightseeing tours, family vacations, thalassotherapy, getaways, weekends, you will surely find what you are looking for at Lidl voyages. The good news is that you are freed from the traditional formalities that clutter up physical agencies. Lidl voyages is a digital travel booking platform, exclusively online ! No more waiting in line and save time with Lidl travel.

Travel at the best value for money

To avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises or to avoid returning from vacation with a bruised face, the astute tourist studies the quality/price ratios of his real estate agency beforehand. If this is what you do, not only are you smart, you are also in the right place ! Lidl voyages is first of all trust, security, then dream prices, breathtaking destinations; all in irreproachable conditions and services.

More than 50 destinations in the program, spread all over the world. What you don’t know is that Lidl travels offers temporary alarming discounts every week. Discounts that can save you up to 50% on the usual rates.

A real price madness that irresistibly attracts customers. Impossible to find better elsewhere, unforgettable stays and savings at the same time !

Cheap trips with Lidl Travel

“The real price of your dreams” is the slogan of the advertising campaigns at Lidl voyages. And the yellow brand is not wrong to repeat it. You’ll understand much better why.

At first glance, Lidl travel seems to be mixed with other travel agencies. But if you look at the prices, you can see the secret of Lidl’s ability to stay ahead of the competition.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the famous short-lived promotions at Lidl voyages. These are temporary promotions offered by the yellow house, twice a week to all its customers. Prices are reduced by 30 to 50%, available to all customers without exception. Just sign up for our free newsletter to receive these discount offers directly in your mailbox.

For 5 travel offers, with services, from the same city of departure on the same date, see for yourself what the numbers say.

  • 8 day/7 night stay in New York’Fergus Tobago hotel (3 stars) in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) from the city of Paris Usual rate: 565 euros TTC Lidl promotion: 536 euros TTC. A saving of 29 euros.
  • 8 days / 7 nights stay in New York’HL Rio Playa Blanca hotel (4 stars) Lanzarote (Canaries) from the city of Lyon. Leclerc voyage : 629 euros TTC Lidl voyage : 629 euros TTC. No difference noted.
  • 10 days / 7 nights stay in South Africa from the city of Paris. Usual price: 1348 euros TTC Lidl promotion: 1299 euros TTC. That is a saving of 21 euros.
  • 9 days / 7 nights stay in Dominican Republic at the Bellevue Dominican Bay Hotel (3 stars) from Brussels. Usual price : 1374 euros TTC Lidl promotion : 787 euros TTC. That is a saving of 587 euros.
  • 8 days / 7 nights stay at the’Little Inn Hotel (4 stars) from Lyon. Usual price: 516 euros including tax Lidl promotion: 444 euros including tax. That’s a saving of 72 euros.

As you can see, Lidl voyages is the real price of your dreams !

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A complete travel catalog

Lidl travel takes its departure from Paris, Brussels or Zurich to make you discover the beauty of the 4 corners of the world… It goes without saying that the company is in collaboration with nearly 50 tour operators of the moment such as MSC Cruises, Sala√ľn, Top of Travel, Ollandini, Mondial Tourisme, Boomerang, Pierre & Vacations Center Parcs, Quartier Libre etc.

In 2 years of existence, Lidl voyages has succeeded in being present on all the fronts of tourism, that is to say a dozen categories of travel: rental/residence, camping or mobile home, cruises, tours, ski vacations, thalasso, stays in France and abroad.

Tourist tours

You are passionate about bicycles, tours ? Let yourself be seduced by the organized tours in Albania, Romania, Portugal, England etc.


With an impeccable luxury service, discover new horizons such as Ancient Greece or the sublime fjords of Norway. Take advantage of Lidl’s unique rates to experience unforgettable moments.


Get back in shape with exceptional Thalasso offers in the Canary Islands, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal..

Camping /Mobil-home

From 35 euros, take advantage of the comfortable campsites organized by Lidl everywhere. This is the ideal opportunity to visit the destinations that make you dream at a lower cost.

Ski vacations

You will never love skiing like Lidl voyages. Enjoy wonderful moments of skiing with family or friends near luxury residences in France, Switzerland and Andorra.

How to organize your trip with Lidl ?

It is recommended to have a precise idea of the place you want to visit. It would always be easier to organize a trip in Paris than in the whole of France. Once you have chosen your destination, you can consult the Lidl travel offers available.

At this level, no need to worry as in the old days. Consult directly online a diversified and rich catalog of wonders on the Lidl travel platform. For sure, you will be seduced by the cheapest offers of the sector.

Then, consult the weather conditions of your destination. Can you stand the cold or the heat ? The crowds or the peace and quiet ? All this should help you to prepare your suitcase according to the activities you wish to do (shopping, beach, skiing, escapade, etc.).)

Check the availability of your schedule and the validity of the offer then make your reservation. Lidl voyages takes care of the rest !

Exclusive offers: is it really worth it? ?

If Lidl travel is so successful, it’s because the company proposes, in addition to the classic offers, flash offers, exclusive and often limited in duration and places. Are these exclusive offers really worth it? ?

Surely yes. Here it is not a question of a scam or of services reduced to the strict minimum, if Lidl travel manages to propose such good deals to its customers, it is especially thanks to partnerships carried out with the hotel chains and the airline companies. In accordance with them, Lidl travel proposes exclusive offers, at reduced prices to make them accessible to all.

In addition to this, the company also puts forward once a week, usually around Thursday, offers with prices reduced by up to 70% ! If Lidl manages to pull off this feat, it’s by focusing on the lowest hours of traffic and occupancy, both on planes and in hotels. A trick that allows the company to break prices at the highest level.

How to reach Lidl travel ?

To book a trip, the best thing to do is to go directly to the Lidl travel website and follow the steps announced. Most of the time, all the details are listed, and there is no need to contact customer service for more information. However, if for any reason you wish to contact the Lidl travel service, various options are available to you.

An online form is available to contact Lidl voyage by mail. In addition, the service has a telephone service, at 0 806 008 008. This one is accessible from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

The rates are equivalent to a local call without surcharge.
Finally, you can also contact Lidl travel via a postal service by sending a letter to the following address

Z.In Colombier – Big Church
116 chemin du Colombier
69590 Saint-Symphorien sur Coise.

What do customers think of Lidl travel ?

On the internet, the opinions about Lidl voyage are numerous and varied. It is important to know that Lidl Travel does not take care of the’accommodation or flight. He uses partner service providers with whom he negotiates to get the best prices.

As such, the quality of the services offered varies greatly and it is necessary to inform yourself about the hotels and places of destination beforehand.

Most of the customer feedback is positive, highlighting the fact that the offers and bargains are a real plus. A discounted stay with all the usual comforts for two days or more.

However, some negative feedback persists. These are mainly low-end hotels, with service and furnishings at the limit of what is acceptable. These kinds of details are totally out of Lidl Travel’s control, but it is possible for the buyer of the offer to find out about the proposed hotel to find out about the feedback and opinions published about it.

Our opinion on Lidl Voyage

You wish a unforgettable stay at the best price ? Or have you been disappointed by the false promises of certain real estate agencies? ? Look no further… Lidl is the quality and efficiency you have always dreamed of. Take advantage of the most interesting offers of the sector and make good deals while having fun. You can’t ask for more than that, if you try it, you’ll get it.