Discover the beauty of the Ardeche river thanks to an exceptional canoeing trip!

All about the descent of the Ardèche in Canoe Kayak

The department of Ardèche is more and more famous for its natural heritage of exception including lakes, mountains, rivers, etc. When we talk about the Ardeche, it is impossible not to mention the Gorges of the Ardèche. It is the main tourist site of the region and one of the most beautiful natural sites in France.

It is also aboutone of the best spots for canoeing. If you plan to go to the Ardèche, this is one of the main activities of the area not to be missed. Discover in this article the three main parts that constitute this descent.

A part upstream of Vallon Pont d’Arc

If this is your first experience or if you are doing it with your family, the upstream part of the Ardeche is the best one. This part includes some starting villages like Vogüé, Balazuc or Ruoms. In this part, there are less crowded, which allows you to discover the picturesque villages and take the time to enjoy the surrounding nature, the river and the beautiful sandy beaches along the way. Particularly adapted to families, this part is also suitable for people wishing to have an easy and peaceful descent of the Ardèche in canoe with just a few passages of slides. It is thus of a 2 hours of navigation at your own pace with family or friends that you will enjoy.

The course is about 6 to 7 km and it will be necessary to envisage about twenty euros per person.

A downstream part of Vallon Pont d’Arc

To be in the heart of the gorges, it is the best part which is convenient for the regulars and the sportsmen. It crosses all the gorges of the Ardèche which is a protected site and classified Natural Reserve. You will be able to enjoy a spectacular view in a place worthy of a postcard. Its natural arch and its famous canyon lined with cliffs will make you want time to stop.

Nicknamed by the locals the mini descent, this beautiful course is embellished with small rapids with a progressive rise in difficulty.

The great descent of the Ardeche: the upstream and downstream parts

These routes are reserved for the more experienced, as they allow a better understanding of the river full descent of the Ardèche. It is then done in 2 days on a distance of 30 to 50 km for a total immersion in the heart of a still preserved nature. It is indeed the sequence of the courses described above.

It will be necessary remember to book a night in a campsite beforehand in the vicinity of the river.

When to go down the Ardèche in a canoe ?

For an activity like the descent of the Ardèche, there are three major periods of the year. The first one stretching from March to mid-June with very high water and impressive rapids. From mid-June to the end of August, the water drops a little with less turbulences and it is besides in this moment that there is a big number of curious.

Finally, from from the beginning of September to mid-October, the water level is even lower for a more peaceful canoeing trip.