Discover Indonesia Visit Jakarta, Bali, Lombok

Discover Indonesia: visit Jakarta, Bali, Lombok 

Indonesia is one of the destinations most popular with tourists around the world. This archipelago of around 13,000 islands attracts travelers looking for a change of scenery and of course the sun.

I’Island of Bali, earthly paradise

Bali is the essential island of Indonesia, it is between the Java and Lombok Islands. More than a must, Bali is a real land paradise extended over almost 6,000 km². It offers dream beaches, breathtaking nature, a welcoming local population and incredible landscapes, sites and places.

There are so many heavenly beaches that they would be impossible to quote them to you, but we will try to present you the most. On the west coast of Bali, you will discover calm and peaceful wild beaches like Pura Masceti, or to the ruins of the Royal City of Semarapura. Legian offers many land and sea activities with a sumptuous framework.

Go to Ubud, one of the main cities in the center of Bali. In this charming city, visit the Sacred Monkey Forest to see our friends the monkeys, the Museum of Neka to understand the local culture or the sacred sources of Tirta Empul. You can also opt for a ride in the central market with its craftsmen who will share their ancestral know-how.

Finally head to the village of Tegallalang by taking the road to Mont Batur you enjoy an atypical environment. Go to this site if you want to know more about Bali Island.

Bali beach

The probe, a heavenly archipelago

Discover the volcanic island of Lombok which is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia and is part of the small archipelago of the probe. Kuta is the ideal starting point for Lombok, you can discover the central regency of Lombok, tourist heart of the’Island, Tanjung Lombok One of the most popular districts, Matrak Capital of the Probe province or the Danau Segara Anak, a volcanic lake that mystifies the region. You can also opt for the Gili Islands which offer magnificent beaches.

Java Island is a place to visit south of the Indian Ocean in the Insulinde. Its particularity is found in its fauna and flora, its temples, its natural environment and its imposing volcanoes. Discover the cultural heritage of the’Island in the city of Yogyakarta, Semaran, one of the greatest metropolitans, and obviously the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia

Although Jakarta does not take advantage of a great reputation because of pollution, it nevertheless remains an essential place for a traveler. Start with the visit of the Kota Tua district, also nicknamed "the old town", you will enter the history of the city through its architecture which recalls the Dutch colonial past. After consuming the Jamu, an Indonesian ancestral drink, go to Taman Sarl Royal Heritage Spa, a name as long as the moment of relaxation that you will enjoy between rest and massage.

Then you can shop in the gigantic Mall shopping center, it is also possible to visit the Connected Galeri Kaya museum.

In the center of Jakarta, continue the museum visit with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara, it contains approximately 800 paintings and sculptures. Then you can discover the Jakarta Barat, the heart of the city is the business district with giant shopping centers but also traditional houses with a walk in Taman Mini Park.

Ubud temple in Bali

You can find the authenticity of the capital with the temple of Borobudur, built in the 8th and 9th centuries during the Sailendra dynasty. It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The Temple of Mendut is a Buddhist temple less frequented by tourists, so it is the perfect place for a meditative break.

Finally the temple of Candi Sewu is a must even if it is still in restoration today.

When to go on a trip to Indonesia ?

The climate of equatorial type Indonesia, that is to say that it is hot and humid. The rainy season takes place between October and April and the hot season manifests itself around January or February. It is interesting to visit Indonesia during the dry season, between May and October.

We advise you to visit Bali around January.

In the end, the best time to go to Indonesia is around summer, between May and October, in addition June and September are the best months to avoid strong tourism pressure.