Discover La Bouquerie, a campsite near Sarlat in Dordogne

Discover La Bouquerie, a campsite near Sarlat in Dordogne

In these times of confinement, there is nothing more frustrating than to see a radiant sun illuminating our windows every morning. However, if’it is not’It is not yet allowed to use the store’While you are enjoying your stay, there is nothing to stop you from thinking about future vacations, which this year will be even more deserved than usual. The need for’It is important to know that Lidl travel does not take care of the human race and nature, which is still untouched by concrete, and that the demand for nature and relaxation is high’approach of the’So why not book your place now in a campsite near Sarlat in the Dordogne ?

Because to reconnect with nature, there is nothing like this region, both close and exotic, which gathers in its bosom entire sections of the world’history of the company’the human race and a nature still preserved from the assaults of the concrete. At camping La Bouquerie, we cultivate this tradition of’Our campsites are designed to provide a warm welcome and restful atmosphere while offering a wide range of services and activities in line with the expectations of the citizens of the region’today’today. Presentation.

A campsite near Sarlat in Dordogne for your vacations

Located in the heart of the Dordogne, the campsite of La Bouquerie is ideally located a few kilometers from Sarlat. From your location, it is easy to join the walking paths along the rivers that crisscross the country or to venture near the famous Lascaux caves. In the middle of’La Bouquerie, a 9-hectare wooded park, proudly displays its 5-star rating while offering a haven of calm, conducive to the most rejuvenating vacations.

Here, all types of camping are possible. From the’from the unavoidable tent to the luxurious glamping through chalets and mobile-homes, everyone will find the right formula to spend precious moments with their family and strengthen the links around’a unique stay. For a few days or weeks, your campsite in Sarlat in the Dordogne will offer you all the modern comforts and the proximity of the city’a most attractive city.

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Sarlat, the beating heart of the PĂ©rigord noir

The city of Sarlat is indeed a subtle mix between history and modernity. Medieval by its trajectory and open by nature, the city welcomes every summer tourists from all over the world’A variety of backgrounds, but all adept at sports’a common art of living. On its market, you can Enjoy the gastronomic wonders of the Dordogne in abundance such as ceps, charcuterie, foie gras and of course truffles ! We bet you won’You won’t be able to resist it…

S’La Bouquerie, your campsite near Sarlat in Dordogne, also presents the’The advantage is that you are within reach of many other places of interest’interest of the region. One thinks in particular of the Roque Saint Christophe, the famous Manor of’Eyrignac or the gardens of Marqueyssac. Without forgetting the natural wonders that are everywhere here. Blue ponds, refreshing lakes and dense woods will be inexhaustible playgrounds for you and your children !

A campsite with many activities

Besides the facilities, the festive evenings and the many activities offered by your campsite near Sarlat in Dordogne, this one will be your back base to experiment all the leisures which bloom in the area when comes the’summer. The nature is always favourable to the relaxation’In addition to the simple bucolic strolls which will recharge your batteries for the pleasure of discovering the region, you will be able to’In the coming year, you will also be able to experience new challenges through more athletic activities, all without paying for a ticket’plane !

Land of’water par excellence, the Dordogne offers multiple aquatic possibilities. We think in particular of canoeing and kayaking and its variations such as rafting or canyoning, real institutions in the region which will allow you to go up the course of thousand-year-old rivers for frank parties of laughter. You can also try your hand at the’climbing, cycling and even taking to the skies in a hot air balloon. Finally, music lovers will appreciate the numerous jazz evenings organized in Sarlat !