What to do and see during your vacation in Calpe

What to do and see during your vacation in Calpe ?

Coastal city located in the north of Costa Blanca, Calpe attracts many visitors from around the world every year. These are seduced by the rich tourist offer of the place. This allows each of the profiles that make up these visitors to navigate.

However, to fully enjoy your stay in the locality, it is essential to know the flagship activities. This is why in this guide, we will reveal to you what you can do and see during your vacation in Calpe.

To discover the old town

During your vacation in Calpe, you have the possibility of discovering the old town. This is located at the top of a hill, away from the animated neighborhoods and beaches. It once constituted a fortification to protect the fishermen’s village from attacks by North African pirates. The old town is characterized by its decorated stairs and its picturesque cobbled streets.

To get there, just follow the main shopping street and turn on the left. However, we can find out more about the holiday rental in Calpe at the time of booking. This trip to the old town will be an opportunity to taste local gastronomic specialties, and sites such as the Calpe History and Archeology Museum.

Relax on the beach

Failing to go to the old town, we can settle for a pleasant moment of relaxation on the beach. Calpe is indeed full of magnificent white sand beaches. These urban beaches give the opportunity to explore marine life. You can enjoy a swim in crystal clear waters. Depending on what will be suitable for your lifestyle, you can choose a family beach or a more intimate beach.

In any case, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Penon de Ifach, a rocky outcrop of more than 330 meters.

Hiking and discovering Calpe saltworks

Among the other activities that you can also carry out during your vacation in Calpe, there is the hike. This is in the vicinity of the rock. They constitute a national park where more than 300 animal species and several rare local plants thrive.

This hike will also be an opportunity to go to the top of the rock. Besides the hike, there is the discovery of the saltworks. Used since Roman times, these saltworks form magnificent landscapes along the hiking trails.

Playing sports and attending fish auction

The main sports practiced in Calpe are cycling and water sports. Cycling is favored by sunshine and local temperatures that revolve around 19 ° C. It is done through hilly landscapes with a view of the sea.

During your vacation in Calpe, you will finally take advantage of the alternatives given by this seaside resort to live unique adventures on the water. Whether it’s diving, windsurfing or kayaking, freedom is given to you to choose the activity that will give you the most sensation.