2 tips for an unforgettable stay in Algeria

2 tips for an unforgettable stay in Algeria

Country with particularly varied landscapes, the’Algeria is bordered in the south by the Sahara and in the north by the chain of the’Atlas. Its important cities are nestled in the coastal plains facing the Mediterranean and take full advantage of the Mediterranean climate. This magnificent Maghreb country is full of’attractions and benefits from’a rich architectural and cultural heritage. It has a lot to offer to travelers of all profiles.

If you are planning to go there soon, we will show you how to make your stay in Algeria unforgettable through 2 tips.

Go to the conquest of’Algiers at the wheel of’a rental car

So that you can discover in depth and at your own pace all the beauty of the capital, it is relevant to play the card of car rental. You just have to go to the website of’You can rent a car from a rental agency established in Algiers, such as’is the case of’Autorentdz.com, then reserve the vehicle of your choice.

Once on the platform, you must specify your date of arrival’You can find the arrival and departure points here. Then select the car that suits you best from a large catalog of quality vehicles, ranging from from compact models to SUVs. Whether you wish to discover Algiers alone, in group or with your family, you will certainly find your happiness there. On D-day, the’The agency puts at your disposal the vehicle reserved directly at the hotel’airport of’Algiers.

Note that’no fixed mileage will be imposed on you, which means that you can make as many trips as you wish. Upon your departure, the return of the vehicle is also done at the’airport. A rental agency can also offer you a car rental service with driver.

In any case, Algiers is an excellent starting point for your trip in Algeria. With its seafront promenade, its relaxed pace of life, the capital will not fail to seduce you. N’Do not hesitate to take advantage of your stay to do some shopping in the shops markets of Bab El Oued, d’El Biar, Lyre, Meissonnier..

Then head for the Kasbah, a protected antique listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO’UNESCO and which is hung on the hillside. This heart of Algeria’The history of Algeria is characterized by its picturesque whitewashed houses, its ancient mosques, its citadel, its mausoleums, its hammams and its alleys as winding as the streets’steep. You will be able to go to the MAMA, the museum of’modern and contemporary art’Algiers, the basilica of Notre-Dame d’Africa, etc.

The various public spaces that dot the territory of the capital are also worth a visit. You can take advantage of it to rest or to go from one place to another’excellent moments with family or friends.

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D’other beautiful places to visit in Algeria

After having discovered the capital of Algeria from every angle, we will show you how to make your stay unforgettable’In Algeria, you can leave to the discovery of the plateau of Algiers’Atakor as well as its landscape worthy of’a science fiction movie. This one is characterized by a mix of dry-brown-red dotted with steep ridges. Its The highest point is called ” Assekrem ” peak.

In the Tuareg language, Assekrem means “end of the world”, which is of course an appropriate way to describe the harshness of the landscape that the mountain is known for’offers the plateau of’Atakor.

Oran, the second Algerian city, is also worth a visit. It is’is about’a port city of character where historical buildings, kasbah, theater and beautiful mosques mix. Oran also stands out because of its magnificent architecture.

Above all, think of completing your stay with scuba diving and by letting yourself be seduced by the Algerian gastronomy. N’Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of the Rai music, the musical genre that has appeared in the city of Oran’Oran.

To go further in the discovery of the largest country of the African continent, you can visit the city of’Annaba and its natural harbor as well as its magnificent ruins, the city of Constantine and its interesting history that goes back to the 16th century’Roman Empire and finally the Algerian Sahara and its oases and ergs.