Regent Seven Seas the best cruises and destinations

Regent Seven Seas: the best cruises and destinations

You want to go on a cruise with your loved ones for the next vacation ? Or maybe you want to get away for a few days at the beginning of the year before going back to work ? The solution is to choose a cruise with the Regent Seven Seas company. It is one of the best companies in its field, and puts several very interesting offers at your disposal. Read on to find out more about it, and take a cruise to exotic lands.

Regent Seven Seas: luxury on the oceans

The first thing that characterizes a cruise with the company Regent Seven Seas, is the luxury and refinement that it offers to its travelers. On Regent Seven Seas ships, you’ll be greeted by luxury, with top-of-the-line amenities and facilities. You will be treated to a level of luxury that is unmatched, because that is what defines this company and the experience it offers you.

You’ll get courteous and attentive service, without being too intrusive. All your wildest desires during your cruise will be fulfilled, and that’s why the crew always consists of so many people. In this way, each group of travelers can be assured of personalized attention during the entire journey.

That’s how Regent Seven Seas makes sure you get a luxury cruise on the world’s oceans.

Always during your cruise with this company, you can enjoy :

  • Full board
  • Functional and well-equipped suites and cabins in a refined style that you will not find anywhere else
  • Restaurants to offer you delicious gourmet meals from different horizons
  • Room service available 24 hours a day

Basically, during the whole cruise, you will be entitled to services and amenities worthy of a five-star establishment. Best of all, you’ll also get all the modern amenities and facilities that go with it. The ultimate in luxury cruises, whether in the Mediterranean or beyond.

Regent Seven Seas ships

To offer you all these wonderful luxury cruises at sea, the shipping company Regent Seven Seas has a well-stocked fleet. This one is composed of several splendid ships, with characteristics that leave no room for doubt: you are dealing with the professionals of sea vacations. You’ll be able to choose the ship that suits you best for your next cruise with the company.

But before, we suggest you to discover them in more detail to make the best choice.

The Seven Seas Mariner

This ship was built in 2001, and underwent a renovation during 2014. It can accommodate a total of 700 passengers, with a crew of 445. It has 8 decks, with a Bahamas Pavilion that all passengers can enjoy during the crossing.

You’ll find a total of 5 restaurants, 4 bars, and a casino for your relaxation. Several activities are organized on board, as well as incredible shows. Thanks to this, whether you are alone or in a group, you are guaranteed never to be bored.

The Seven Seas Navigator

The Regent Seven Seas company has been able to enjoy this ship since 2001, the year of its construction. Then, in 2015, it underwent a complete renovation, a refurbishment that makes it one of the most modern ships in the fleet. It has a Bermuda pavilion and 8 decks spread over several levels, which can be used for your walks.

It accommodates very few passengers, only 490, which makes it the ideal ship for an intimate cruise.

The crew consists of 345 people, which means there will be at least one staff member to take care of two passengers. You can enjoy 4 restaurants, 3 bars, and a casino for all your relaxation and entertainment needs. You will also be able to enjoy activities and shows organized for you on board the ship and during stops.

The Seven Seas Voyager

This ship of the company Regent Seven Seas was built in 2003 and renovated in 2013. It has a Bahamas flag and 9 decks for passengers to enjoy. It can accommodate a total of 700 passengers, with a crew of 447.

You will find 5 restaurants to satisfy all your gastronomic desires, and also 4 well-stocked bars to have a good time. You can also try your luck in the casino and try to win great money.

The Seven Seas Explorer

The Seven Seas Explorer is one of the newest ships in the Regent Seven Seas fleet, as it was built in 2016 only. As a result, it has not yet undergone any renovations, since it is still new, and still meets the needs of travelers for luxury and modernity. It can accommodate 750 passengers and 542 crew members. With its Marshall Islands flag and its 10 decks, it is much larger than the other ships in the fleet.

You will find 7 restaurants, 5 bars, and a casino.

The Seven Seas Splendor

This ship is actually the latest addition to this cruise line’s fleet. Its construction is planned for the year 2020, which means that it has just been added to the ships of the fleet. It has a Marshall Islands flag and 10 decks. It accommodates a total of 750 passengers and a crew of 542.

Also, like the Seven Seas Explorer, this ship has 7 restaurants, 5 bars and a casino.

So for all your Mediterranean cruises with Regent Seven Seas, you can choose the ship that interests you most among those mentioned above. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed to have a good time relaxing and discovering the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Regent Seven Seas’ most beautiful destinations

For its cruises at sea, the maritime company Regent Seven Seas offers you several incredible destinations to choose from. The most popular with travelers are :

  • Caribbean and Mexican cruises
  • Mediterranean cruises
  • Cruises in the Panama Canal
  • Cruises in Alaska
  • Cruises in Canada and Bermuda
  • Fjord cruises
  • Caribbean and West Indies cruises
  • Cruises in South America..

For each cruise offer of the company Regent Seven Seas, you can enjoy several different options. It will be necessary to analyze all the available cruises in the period that suits you, to be sure to make the best choice for you.

We therefore invite you to take a look at the company’s platform, to get a precise idea of everything it has to offer for your next vacation at sea. Take advantage of it, because it currently offers very interesting discounts.