Removal of the new bike path in downtown Annecy on September 15

Removal of the new bicycle path in downtown Annecy on September 15

The plan of the Annecy coronapist

After a trial period, the temporary bike path that goes from the Marquisats traffic circle to Bonlieu will be removed on September 15. Many debates and petitions had taken place these last weeks on this subject. Are there alternative solutions? ?

An assessment that does not meet with consensus

This bike path had been created last July 24 to answer the needs of fluidity of the bicycle traffic. After the deconfinement, many users of public transport have switched to cycling. This new slope allows to avoid passing on the sidewalk of the resort Halle bridge and to set foot on the Bridge of Loves.

It realizes the junction between the bike paths of the eastern and western shores of Lake Annecy.

This new track had quickly met a popular success with more than 500 cyclists at peak hours. On the side of the motorists, the criticisms were strong A particular problem was pointed out: This bicycle path had been created: interminable traffic jams between Saint Jorioz, Sevrier and Annecy. The duration can exceed 1 H 30 to make this trip. Rescue vehicles also indicated the risk of not being able to move fast enough.

These arguments were taken up by the mayors of Sévrier and Saint-Jorioz. The new mayor of Annecy met with them on this subject Tuesday.

Studies indicate that the travel time is lengthened especially in the late morning. At other times of the day, the effect of the track on car traffic would be more marginal.

One particular problem was pointed out: the width of the track which is 2.5 m. Out, for a bike path of high traffic it takes 3 m. So the Grand Annecy indicates that it could not be an ideal solution.

The bike path removed to be better reborn ?

The experiment will nevertheless be completed in order to evaluate its impact on automobile traffic, on the number of cyclists and on air pollution outside the tourist season.

Thereafter, the mayor of Annecy and his colleagues of the edge of the lake will organize a conference on mobility on the west bank with all the actors concerned: motorists, cyclists, professionals… In the meantime, the city of Annecy and the Greater Annecy have decided to abolish this path in order to consider other scenarios.

The trail could come back in another form, which remains to be defined, such as by the creation of a footbridge on the Vassé canal between the Quai Jules school and the Pâquier riding school.

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