5 secret places of Reunion to discover

5 secret places in Reunion Island to discover

L’he island of Reunion conceals well known wonders such as its waterfalls, its beaches, its natural reserves, its volcanoes with notably the Piton de la Fournaise, etc. It is also home to some incredible hidden places. If you have already traveled there, you may have found them.

Otherwise, this article will allow you to discover or rediscover them. In search of’escape and nature, you don’t need to go to the’don’t be disappointed !

5 secret places in Reunion Island not to be missed

We have compiled for you a list of best places in Reunion Island Where to go off the beaten track scattered throughout the country’island. We recommend you to rent a car in Reunion to enjoy these wonders. Even if you are adept at hiking, and we can only congratulate you on this, as it is a great way to get to the bottom of the chasm’This is the best way to discover the place, you will need a car to get closer to all the points of interest’interest.

The forest of Cairns

The Cairns forest is an artificial pile of stones placed to mark a place, which can remind a bit the Celtic culture with the Fabrique Saint-Georges for example. The forest of Cairns is located between the’Étang Salé and Saint-Louis. You can get there by the way of a’a coastal path that connects the two places. However, before starting your walk, enjoy a little of the’Étang Salé, a haven of peace lined with palm trees.

C’is the’It is the ideal place to have a picnic with your feet in the water’water. The path that you will take afterwards will lead you through very distinct landscapes. The hike will be of great interest to you’first shaded under trees, then rocky with volcanic rocks at the level of the Gouffre, a rocky formation at the edge of the sea. From this point, while continuing your way on some meters, you will be able to admire the first cairns.

Have fun to detail them all, there are all kinds arranged differently and even colored.

The cirque of Cilaos

Reunion Island has a unique rugged relief and a geological profile that is very different from the rest of the island’The origin of natural basins and pools of all beauty. You will be able to find several of them in a magical intertwining at the Cirque of Cilaos. This cirque will make the happiness of the lovers of canyoning, since’It is home to the Bras Rouge canyon, which owes its name to the reddish flows of the walls that surround it’framing. In some places, natural basins have been dug like the Roche basin.

The Roche basin is a small nugget nestled at the foot of the island’a cliff and sheltered by silver walls. C’is a land paradise where the’the water is clear and translucent, perfect for swimming.

The iron hole

The iron hole otherwise called the hole of the’hell refers to a chasm in Reunion Island of about 300 meters south east of Salazie. If you love waterfalls and you came to Reunion partly to find them, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of this place’a place that offers an incredible show. The waterfalls rain down from all sides.

Imagine the waterfall of the arm of Cavernes which plunges of 950 meters. From the heights of the chasm, following the hiking trails, you will have a breathtaking view of these natural gems.

The iron hole

The veil of the bride

If you are doing the’one of the hikes located on the heights of the iron hole, take advantage of it to find the waterfall of the bride’s veil. It owes its name to a sad legend. A young girl against the’His father’s advice decided to’to marry the young man she was in love with. Her father decided to kill this lover and went to the chapel during the wedding ready to fight with a sword.

The two lovers’You will then escape to the heights of the abyss. Unfortunately for the girl, this hellish and exhausting pace was tragic. It slipped and fell from the top of the mountain and its veil covered the walls giving its name to the waterfall.

The bridal veil

The lava road

The lava road (RN2) is a road that crosses the Grand Brûlé, the coastal part formed by the last caldera of the Piton de la Fournaise (the active volcano of the island)’island). It allows you to’to safely observe the lava flows that took place during the last volcanic eruption. Signs are installed along the route to mark the places that have suffered these flows. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a stopover in Petite Île, renowned for its culture of hospitality’citrus fruits and’ails.

C’is also the’This is a great opportunity to make memories and to make it work’You will be able to discover the local craftsmen and women of Reunion Island by touring the small local craftsmen who are established there.