Which places to visit during a trip to Vannes

What to visit during a trip to Vannes ?

Located in the northwest of France, precisely in the region of Brittany, The city of Vannes offers its many visitors its many charms and pleasant places to visit to make their stay in this historic land unforgettable, full of memories and even lessons. Among the places that you can visit in Vannes are its historical buildings.

The Saint-Pierre cathedral

Built in a gothic style, this cathedral was built on the remains of an old church Roman cathedral of which it has remained faithful in terms of construction. Its construction lasted for five centuries, from the XVth to the XIXth century.

What many people do not know today is that this cathedral is actually a basilica. It can also boast of this title which imposes admiration because it has in its bosom the remains of the body of Saint Vincent Ferrier, which makes the Saint Peter’s Cathedral a place of pilgrimage which welcomes each year many Vannetais and other pilgrims coming from elsewhere.

The ramparts

Another building which is the pride of the city of Vannes and which attracts many tourists, these are the ramparts. They are very well known, because they are part of the last fortifications which resist until now in the region of Brittany. Some consider these ramparts as the basis of the tourist wealth of the city of Vannes.

As far as their history is concerned, the first part of these ramparts was built in the 3rd century by the Romans. However, it is only eleven centuries later, under Jean IV, that these ramparts were completed and extended to ensure the protection of the population.

The half-timbered houses

Still called timber-framed houses, they are of capital importance when it comes to highlighting beautiful postcards of the city of Vannes. This touristic city counts in all and for all 170 half-timbered houses, most of which are located in the vicinity of the cathedral. Some of them can be found in the faubourg Saint-Patern and others on the banks of the port.

If you feel the desire to see the most beautiful half-timbered houses of the city of Vannes, you must go to the place Henri IV.

La Cohue

In addition to the fact that it now houses the museum of fine arts of the city of Vannes, the museum of the Cohue is a real witness of thehistory of Vannes. While this building is now quiet and allows you to better appreciate the contemporary works on display, the atmosphere in the crowds was very different in the Middle Ages. This building used to house several small stores as well as the courthouse.

Because of the business that was done there, the crowd was swarming.

This building sheltered during the XVII th century the parliament of Brittany and even the States of Brittany. La Cohue is a building in which great political decisions on the region of Brittany were taken. A visit to this place could reveal a lot about the decisions that have marked the city of Vannes.

If you wish to visit the city of Vannes, there are different options for which you can choose.