Our ideas of hike and stroll in Chambery

Our ideas for hiking and walking in Chambery

Desire to make small walks around Chambéry ? Or would you rather go hiking in Chambéry ? You certainly have the embarrassment of choice between two wonderful ideas. Indeed, going for a walk and or putting your backpack for a hike are the best things to do in Chambéry. Through this article, we will give you our ideas for hiking and walking in Chambéry.

What are our ideas for hiking in Chambéry ?

You already have your bag for a long hike and your well established plan ? Here are a few hikes below:

  • The hike on mount Granier.

Mount Granier is a very impressive summit of Chambéry. It is an imposing mountain with a cliff which is moreover the highest of all France. If you manage to climb to the top of this gigantic mountain, you will have a marvelous view on all Chambéry.

  • The hike on the Cross of NIVOLET.

If you want to live a strong sensation as if you were on the Eiffel Tower, go for a hike on the Cross of NIVOLET. At the top of this cross, you will have a fantastic wide and plunging view on all the basin of Chambéry.

  • The hike on the Dent du Chat.

As its name suggests, the Dent de Chat, located in the northern part of the Epine chain, is a small mountain that looks like a pointed canine tooth. From there, you will have a beautiful view on the lake Bourget and you will want to discover Chambéry even more by foot .

  • The hike on the Pointe de la GALOPPAZ.

Like a small nipple pointing, the GALOPPAZ is a summit whose access is very easy and fast to everyone, even to teenagers. If you reach the top of this mountain, you will admire the Belledonne chain and the top of the Bauges massif and the whole Chambéry cluse. The best period to hike on the Pointe de la GALOPPAZ is the winter period.

  • The hike on the Mont COLOMBIER.

If you want to admire all the summits of the Isère, Savoie, Bauges, and Haute-Savoie in a circular context, go directly to the Mont COLOMBIER. This mountain still called the ”mountain of the lying woman” is located in the middle of the massif of Bauges.

  • The hike on the Grands Moulins.

Les grands Moulins is a mountain which is the typical reflection of Chambéry. It is located in the northern part of the Belledonne mountain range. On this mountain, you will have the chance to admire the Savoyard summits in a 360° angle.

  • The hike on the dent d’Arclusaz.

The dent d’Arclusaz is a U-shaped mountain, which you will easily notice when you cross the Combe de Savoie. This mountain stands elegantly like a sentinel at the entrance of the Massif des Bauges.

What are our ideas for a walk in Chambéry ?

If you feel like going for a little walk not far from Chambéry, here are some ideas.

  • La Roche du Guet.

For a short walk on a Sunday, start from the lake of La Thuile and continue your walk by a path which passes in the wood behind the houses. After a few minutes of walking, you will find yourself at rock of Manettaz. By heading west for about ten minutes, you will follow a cliff to land at the Roche du Guet.

  • The Doria waterfall.

If you want to feel a coolness that has nothing to do with the coolness of the Bourget lake, take a small path indicated in the bend under Lovettaz. After about thirty minutes of walking, you will go down to the lower part of the Doria waterfall. But if you want to reach the upper part to see the water spouting, cross the bridge and take the path along the stream.

  • The lake of La Thuile.

If you want to go for a family walk on a Sunday afternoon, get out of your car and park it in one of the two parking lots nearby. Go along the lake towards the small hamlet to take a path that will lead you straight to the Rocher de Manettaz and the Rocher du Guet. Swimming is allowed for those who want it of course.

  • The lake of Saint-André.

The Saint-André lake is an artificial lake created since the Middle Ages as a fish farm in the middle of the Myans abyss. This lake is located 15 minutes by car from Chambéry. It is a very quiet place for a peaceful rest, a swim, a picnic, a little walk or a fishing party.