Why you should absolutely visit Murano, this beautiful Italian island

Why you should absolutely visit Murano, this beautiful Italian island ?

Island of the Veneto region located in the lagoon of Venice in Italy, Murano is the undisputed home of the art glassware. An emblematic place worth visiting, the island of Murano, 5 km from Venice, is also famous for its historical monuments and museums. A guided tour of this Italian land is also an opportunity to learn about the various fortunes of great men of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The most emblematic of all is certainly the inveterate seducer Casanova ! For this purpose, take your luggage and head to Veneto for a guided tour of the island of Murano.

Murano: home of the glass art

Why the island of Murano is so famous ? Internationally renowned for its glass art, nothing predestined this tiny island of less than 2 kmĀ² to become the world capital of glass art. Indeed, it all started in 1201 when a decree obliged all the glassmakers of Venice to install their kilns on the island of Murano. We could then speak of a chance or a chance of history, since the repetitive fires recorded on the neighboring and very tourist Venice began to worry the Venetians whose homes were made of wood, insularity obliges.

This handicap for Venice will nevertheless benefit Murano where the insularity allowed to maintain the secret of the art of glass making.

Yesterday, today and certainly tomorrow again, the glassmakers of Murano bear witness to a traditional and family know-how in the manufacture of various glass objects that has been passed down from father to son since the dawn of the 13th century. For this reason, a guided tour on the island of Murano is a great opportunity to discover the hundreds of glassblowing workshops still present and to learn about the very secret Murano Glassworks. You could always stop by the store to keep precious memories of your visit to Murano. Therefore, towards the end of the article you will have some tips on how to buy a real Murano glass.

Murano: guided tour through the island

Murano is famous for its glass art, but the home of glass was not only a place of glassblowing workshops; it was a beautiful place where many personalities of the Middle Ages and the modern European era came to rest. To this effect, there were beautiful gardens The glass is composed of jasmine flowers, groves of orange trees, laurel trees, etc. From this soothing atmosphere was born another reputation of Murano which made the island the ideal place for naughty pleasures. And who says naughty pleasure also says “life of Casanova”. This last one will mark the island of its print by his adventure with Marina Maria Morosini, nun of the convent of the Angels of Murano… that the future Cardinal of Bernis did not fail to spy.

Still today? the various reminders of this very romantic past of Murano are visible on the island. Thus, a trip to Murano will be an opportunity to visit places such as :

  • the emblematic Murano gardens that remain ;
  • the Palazzo Giustiniani, where you can see beautiful collections of historical glass;
  • the church of Santa Maria e Donata, founded in the seventh century and which has remarkable Byzantine mosaics ;
  • the Palazzo della Mula: seat of the Municipality of Venice-Murano-Burano and which is very representative of the Venetian Gothic art by its main facade which dates from the fifteenth century;
  • the Museum of Glass, an emblematic place on the island of Murano that is a must to visit. You can discover magnificent works of art, including more than 4,000 pieces of kaleidoscope glass, chalices, glass and Phoenician flasks, etc. Here, you will also have the chance to contemplate to your great surprise a chandelier of more than 330 kg, a piece jealously guarded within the museum;
  • the Faro. Still called the lighthouse of Murano, it is a metal tower of 34 meters high. It is managed by the Navy and is a place of interest to visit as well. Built in 1912, it has been in service since 1934;
  • the church of Saint Peter Martyr, built at the end of the 15th century. The paintings of great Venetian masters such as Giovanni Bellini and Veronese can be seen;
  • etc.

How to visit these emblematic places of Murano ?

Located 10 minutes from the historic center of Venice, from where you can take a vaporetto at the Fondamenta Nove pier, Murano welcomes its visitors at the faro stop. For this purpose, the lines 41, 42, DM and LN of public transport are those able to move you from Venice to Murano. But, already in Venice, you could opt for an excursion in French at 20 euros maximum that offers you the opportunity to know besides Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Tips on how to buy a real Murano glass

Murano’s expertise in the art of designing quality glass has always aroused jealousy and covetousness. Thus, throughout the history of the island, many were the artisans anxious to know the secrets of the Murano glass factory. To this end, even the French sovereign Louis XIV was not indifferent to the skills of Italian glassmakers. And even if he succeeded in convincing some to come to his court, they were all murdered, so that they would not pass on the jealously guarded secret.

As a result, copies and counterfeits of Murano glass are legion, and a visit to Italy and even to Venice hardly guarantees that you will buy the right one. That’s why these few tips and tricks will be of great use to you. To this end, everything depends on your sense of observation and discernment.

How to observe the originality of a Murano glass ?

In Murano, glass is not mass-produced. Each glass is uniquely made and characterized by slight imperfections, signs of an artisanal and not industrial work. Thus, you will notice air bubbles in the glass, This is not the case for glass from large crystal factories that use lead to avoid this seemingly unpleasant imperfection. In addition, in order to aesthetize their work, the glassmakers of Murano apply to their glasses extremely bright and varied colors… It is a technique that can be observed only on the island and is highly difficult to replicate. Finally, Murano glasses are different from other glasses on the market because they are expensive… Indeed, it is because you can find gold or silver in them.

A forger will not take such a risk since he has to sell cheaper and faster.

If despite all these checks, you still have doubts, you can then consult the MUSEO DEL VETRO, the only organization authorized to authenticate a Murano glass. For the great Murano glass connoisseurs, however, the simple verification of the signature present on a glass allows them to subtract the original from the photocopy.