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15 days in Japan: Which cities to visit ?

Japan is a country which makes more and more French people dream. Whether it is imported products, the’desire to’to live in or simply to discover’organize a trip to the most beautiful cities of this country, Japan is very attractive. If you are planning a trip to Asia for the next few months, discover our planning for 15 days there.

Start with 6 days in Tokyo

Of course, Japan means Tokyo. The capital is very attractive but above all captivating once you are there and 6 days will never seem long enough. L’The best thing about Osaka is that many airlines offering trips to Japan land near Tokyo which is surrounded by two airports: Haneda and Narita.

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Once there, n’Do not hesitate to spend at least a whole day visiting the temples in the city or in the surroundings. An unforgettable experience for a wellness and serenity interlude. However, plan to wear flip-flops because most of the temples require you to remove your shoes in order to visit the place.

More touristic, you can visit the Tokyo Tower. A little reminder of the Eiffel Tower that will make you smile. You can also discover a small shopping mall in the tower with many local souvenirs to buy to bring back to your relatives (or for yourself).

Finally, n’don’t forget to visit the gardens of the imperial palace. A masterful place, if you have the’If you have the opportunity, take a guided tour with a guide who will be able to explain you many anecdotes about the place.

Spend 2 days in Hakone

A city less famous for French speakers but really magical to discover. You will find postcard landscapes that will be perfect to feed your Instagram profile. If you want to refresh yourself, don’t hesitate to go to Amazake Chaya, a coffee shop which will offer you very good sake and which was formerly the refuge of samurais.

To discover a unique landscape, you must absolutely discover Hakone Jinja. A sanctuary located among the trees of the forest and offering you a breathtaking view of Lake Ashi. A natural space that will impress you.

Continue for 3 days in Kyoto

After the capital Tokyo, Kyoto is probably one of the most famous Japanese cities. Kyoto is also a very developed city which will offer you many facilities to live at 100 to the hour’time for a few days.

For a half-day of rest and spirituality, go to Fushimi Inari Taisha. Two hours of walking are waiting for you in this tourist area and a superb view is waiting for you at the top’arrival. For a magical moment, plan an arrival at the top at sunset time.

A moment of’Authenticity is waiting for you in the Gion district. You will be able to see cherry blossoms, cultural dances but also meet geishas. A place full of’stories in which spirituality and respect reign.

A must: 1 day in Nara

Nature and animal lovers should definitely plan at least one day in Nara to spend a magical moment. Spend some time in Nara Park or Nara Kôen, a gigantic park located in the center of the city’This is the home of more than 1200 deer that live in freedom and do not fear humans. In this park, you will also find some small hidden corners with some temples like the very nice Tôdai-ji and Kasuga-taisha.

2 days in Osaka to finish your trip

In Osaka you can discover some typical Japanese temples to visit. Osaka also has its own castle, which is a must-see during your visit. To make the most of your stay, don’t forget’Do not hesitate to learn some basic Japanese expressions to express yourself.

For more information’If you are feeling emotional, you can also go to the park of the same name’Universal Studios Japan attractions. There are some all over the world (especially in the United States). C’Argentina’s parks are the’opportunity to discover some attractions for thrills and rides’adrenaline but also find the’The world of the Minions of Me Ugly and Bad but also Betty Boop or the very popular Harry Potter.

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