Return of a rental car in Martinique what to do

Return of a rental car in Martinique: what to do

Your trip to Martinique is over, it’s time to pack up and go home. Before that, you have to return the rental car. If you do not know the procedure to follow, do not panic. In this article, we help you to clarify this point !

The rental car in Martinique

It is with a rental car that many visitors decide to visit the island of flowers. Practical and affordable, you can move from north to south to discover the different landscapes that Martinique offers. Indeed, many places are accessible for free by car, so you don’t need to make excursions and you can walk around freely.

Renting is generally easy to do. The Thrifty Antilles agency for example allows you to rent a car efficiently. Indeed, you can order online before your departure to be sure to have a car for your trip and to have the best possible price.

It is certainly possible to order a car once you are there, but we advise you to book before your departure to be sure of your arrival.

Choose the car that suits you if you are alone, in couple, in family or with friends. Take a car adapted to your stay. Prices and options vary, you choose !

Return of the rental car

Return of the rental car

Rental car regulations require that a rental contract be drawn up before the keys are handed over. An inventory of fixtures is then carried out and updated at the time of the handing-over of the vehicle. The renter and the owner sign the document and if there is any damage on the vehicle at the end, then this must be noted on both copies.

If you damage the car during your stay, call the agency as soon as possible to warn them and avoid misunderstandings during the return. The sooner the agency is informed, the sooner you can continue your trip without any inconvenience.

To return the vehicle, the procedure is simple. Generally, after choosing your rental car and a pick-up location, you choose the drop-off location with the corresponding date.

Bring the car back at the agreed time, moreover it is usual to fill up with fuel before returning it to the agency. You can, for example, return the car to Aimé Césaire airport in Fort-de-France at the end of your stay and fly directly back home.

When you pick up your vehicle at the beginning of the trip, ask the agency for the exact procedure to follow. The check-out is important, generally the agency checks the gas gauge, the cleanliness, etc. The agency will give you all the indications to follow for the restitution and so that there is no problem.

Fees and taxes are calculated based on where you pick up the vehicle, not where you drop it off.

In summary

Car rental is the best way to get around Martinique. Prices and options differ, if you can, book the car before you leave so that you have the ideal car for your trip. Concerning the return to the agency, you choose where you want to return the car when you make your reservation (on the internet or when you arrive at the agency).

A date and a time are agreed to return it. Do not hesitate to ask for more details at the agency when you start your stay, it is the best way not to forget anything and to have all the information !