The activities to do during your next stay in Marseille

Activities to do during your next stay in Marseille

Marseille is a cosmopolitan and open city. It is also close to nature, which allows visitors to spend pleasant moments. Treat yourself to a weekend or summer in this city and discover the wonders it has to offer.

Having said that, what are the activities to do in Marseille ? Discover a top of the activities you would have to do if you visit Marseille.

Visit the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations

This museum is visited for several reasons such as its beauty and its architecture. Long before you set foot in this area, you will find the museum, you will be dazzled by its beauty. Its honeycombed facade provides a view of the sea.

This gives it a particular singularity that will absolutely charm you.

The museum has an area of 4900 square meters where you will see different exhibitions dedicated to civilizations. You’ll find civilizations from Europe and the Middle East here Mediterranean.

If you have made a reservation on https://www.villamascarine.en/ for your stay, you will have a guide that will explain everything about the museum.

Every year, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions on the theme of “The Art of the City” themes well defined and varied. The museum is generally open every day except Tuesdays and entrance fees vary between 5 and 10 euros per person.

How about a hunt for Streets art in the Panier ?

When you are in Marseille, you have the opportunity to do the following activities hunt to the street in the Panier. The Panier district is one of the oldest in the city of Marseille. You have walls that are decorated with frescoes, graffiti and other collages.

If you are with your family, with your children, they will be very happy if you take them to the Panier district. This will allow them to discover this district which is an emblem of the city.

To take advantage of the corners of the Panier, it is recommended to take a guided tour. So you will discover the hidden places and you will know the history of this district.

Go to the parks or gardens of Marseille

À Marseille, you have a multitude of parks and gardens where you can let off steam. Whether it’s a picnic, games or a bike ride, you’ll have an activity you’ll love.

Among the nicest parks, you have the Borély park which is one of the largest in the city. There is the Jardin du Pharo which gives you a view of the sea.

Making Marseille soap

The manufacture of Marseille soaps during your stay in France stay at is a good activity. To do this, sign up at the workshop and you will discover the whole factory at the same time.

Here are some activities you can do while in Marseille. There are many other activities you can do.