These movies that were shot in Paris

These movies that were filmed in Paris

Paris is a city that attracts many visitors and tourists, mainly because of its scenery and atmosphere. It is a city that has inspired many world-renowned artists. It is not surprising to discover that many directors have chosen it for the shooting of their film or series.

So if you want to know more about the cinematic successes of this city, discover in the following some of the films shot in Paris. You may discover movies you haven’t seen before that you’ll enjoy watching.

Lucy by Luc Besson

Lucy is a science fiction movie set in the city of Paris. Parisian streets aren’t just known for their romantic and flowery atmosphere. This French movie written and directed by Luc Besson is the proof.

It was released in 2014 and the two actors in the poster were: Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.

Very quickly, Lucy was a great success worldwide and became the biggest hit of French cinema. It even stars in Taken 2, another Luc Besson film. Want a little preview to know if you will like this work that is part of the movies shot in Paris ? Well here is in short its synopsis.

Lucy Miller is a young woman of 25 who finds herself forced to act as a mule for drug traffickers. The latter place in his belly a package containing blue powder, an experimental synthetic product. Later, she is assaulted and the product is unfortunate enough to spill into her system.

She then becomes able to exploit a large part of her brain’s capacities and acquires incredible psychic faculties. It is an extraordinary experience that awaits her, and she is far from suspecting that she will end up traveling through time and space, to meet her namesake Lucy, one of the oldest ancestors of the human race.

You can discover the streets that were used for the filming of this exceptional work, during a simple trip to Paris. But first, don’t hesitate to watch the movie, in order to experience 90 minutes of entertainment.

3 Days to Kill by McG

3 Days to Kill is also one of the many films shot in Paris. It is a Franco-American thriller, a work of director Joseph McGinty Nichol. This film released in 2014 lasts 117 minutes, and features big name actors like Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Connie Nielsen and Hailee Steinfeld.

3 Days to Kill tells the story of a CIA agent in charge of a large-scale operation to capture the lieutenant of an arms dealer. The lieutenant known as “The Albino” is lured into a trap when he thinks he is selling a dirty bomb to terrorists. Unfortunately for this CIA operation, the criminal recognizes one of the agents and immediately understands that it is a trap.

The agent Renner in charge of the operation goes in pursuit of the Albino, but suddenly finds himself seized by a seizure and faints. Of course the thug escapes, and later it is discovered that Renner is suffering from a serious incurable disease. With only a few months left to live, the CIA agent decides to return to Paris to spend the rest of his life catching up with his family.

But when he returns, things are far from going as planned.

L’Arnacœur by Pascal Chaumeil

Among the films shot in Paris, this one is also in a very good place. Indeed, The Arnacoeur is a French romantic comedy filmed in the streets of Paris. This is a work of director Pascal Chaumeil, released during the year 2010.

You can see some very famous actors in France such as Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, François Damiens or Julie Ferrier.

The film tells the story of a man named Alex, a professional in the art of breaking up couples. He runs a business with members of his family, and their specialty is to save women who are about to give their love to “unsuitable” men. Usually, it is the relatives of the women involved who use their services, so that Alex seduces them and leads them away from their partner. A job like no other, I must admit.


Mission Impossible 6 by Christopher McQuarrie

Can we talk about the many films shot in Paris without evoking Mission Impossible 6 ? Certainly not. This film is the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible saga and was directed in 2018 by Christopher McQuarrie. You can see as usual the famous Tom Cruise, accompanied by Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson and many others.

In this film, the “Mission Impossible” team led by Ethan Hunt will once again have to embark on a desperate mission to save the planet. They will have to fight against the syndicate, a criminal organization headed by Solomon Lane, an evil man.

Mission impossible 6 by Christopher McQuarrie

All these films shot in Paris were a great success and receive very good reviews until today. So if you do not know them yet, do not hesitate to look at them to have a good time.